Janelle Brown of Sister Wives has gone through quite the transformation when it comes to her look from season 1 to now and fans have taken notice.

Janelle Brown is a fan favorite among Sister Wives viewers, especially upon sharing her weight loss journey. With her sunny disposition, the mother of six has always been beautiful, but over the last few years, Janelle has taken steps to better herself. Kody Brown’s second wife is now ready for a new look.

While Kody has always been into healthy living and a modern style, the same can not be said for his four wives. Meri, Christine, and Janelle have all maintained outdated looks and have not made their wardrobe a priority. The three women put their children and husband before themselves, often sacrificing a healthier lifestyle. But when Kody’s youngest wife, Robyn, entered the picture, the game changed. Janelle has stepped up her workout game and is now looking better than ever, and Sister Wives fans think Janelle will leave Kody, following in Christine’s footsteps.


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Janelle Is Gorgeous In Green

This older Instagram photo shows Janelle midway through her health journey after she started working for Plexus. Janelle and Christine have been promoting the pyramid scheme company and their weight loss drinks for months claiming they have gained so much energy. Now, Janelle lives in an RV, she’s had more time and ability to focus on exercise and get her daily walks in.

Janelle Takes A Hike

Sister Wives fans were shocked when they saw the photo of Janelle looking svelte on a recent hike around the canyon. With her hair pulled back, Janelle poses for a stunning photo of herself and her beautiful nature surroundings. The weight loss is visible and significant, as Janelle explained to followers that she was off balance and had used the special Plexus drinks to get her back on track just in time for her son’s wedding last month.

Janelle Hits Nashville With Friends

This recent photo shows Janelle only a week after her son Logan’s wedding to Michelle Petty. The fun-loving Sister Wives star revealed she had taken a trip to the home of country music, Nashville. Janelle looks happier than ever on a trip away from Kody. She appears glowing and vibrant, having the time of her life in her new and improved body.

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Source: Janelle Brown/Instagram

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.


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