A sedentary lifestyle and the desire to look beautiful have made weight loss a common objective. But seeking prescription drugs or going under the knife to lose those stubborn rolls is not desirable for most.

People want affordable and natural solutions to manage their weight, but dieting and exercise are not enough to achieve weight loss objectives. To give people’s weight loss journey a boost, dietary supplements have emerged with natural formulations to give maximum results with zero effects.

Standing among this crowd as a remarkable option is Puravive. Launched recently, Puravive is a dietary formula that is 100% natural and aids your weight loss efforts. Positive reviews have flooded the digital world, and we were curious to know if Puravive stands any chance of rising as a popular choice in the weight loss industry or if it’s just another fleeting trend.

If you feel curious like us, read this Puravive review to separate the truth from the sugarcoated marketing claims.

Take a look at the summary of the Puravive supplement.


Dietary Supplement






Dr. Michael Kim and Tom Harris


Starts at $59 (Official Website)


30 capsules per bottle


Weight Management


  • Natural Ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • Non-Addictive
  • Easy to Swallow
  • No Stimulants


Quercetin, Propolis, Oleuropein, Amur Cork Bark, Holy Basil, Kudzu, White Korean Ginseng, and Luteolin

Side Effects:

The users did not report any side effects in their Puravive reviews (Read reviews!)

Money-Back Guarantee:

Covered by a 180-day money-back guarantee

Bonus Products:

Two available

Rice Method Hack: Understanding The Distinct Formulation of Puravive Supplement

Puravive supplement blends unique BAT-boosting tropical ingredients and Bac Huong Rice. Bac Huong Rice is a native of Da Bac island in Vietnam and the secret behind Vietnamese people’s slim body shape.

A major component of Bac Huong Rice, luteolin, boosts brown adipose tissues in your body to burn excess fat. The makers have added additional BAT-boosting ingredients to create a potent fat-burning formula for successful weight loss.

Behind The Making of Puravive Weight Loss Supplement: Brand And Makers

The supplement is formulated based on Dr. Michael Kim’s secret rice method. As a native of Da Bac island and researcher in the weight loss industry, Dr. Kim created a recipe to boost brown adipose tissue levels using Bac Huong rice.

When Tom Harris met Dr. Kim to help his wife in losing weight, they collaborated to manufacture the supplement under the Puravive brand in the USA in an FDA-approved facility to maintain the potency and quality of natural ingredients.

The Working Principle of The Puravive Formula

Puravive stands as a supplement that adopts a holistic approach to help you lose weight and boost your weight loss efforts. In your weight loss journey, Puravive stands as a sustainable and reliable choice by following proven scientific mechanisms to support weight reduction.

Primarily, the supplement targets low brown fat levels. The ingredients in the supplement work to convert white fat cells into brown fat cells or brown adipose tissues. Brown adipose tissue (BAT) is packed with mitochondria and helps burn calories to support weight management.

Brown adipose tissue boosts your metabolism and is specialized for thermogenesis. When brown fat is activated, it increases your body’s metabolic rate and energy expenditure by burning calories to regulate body temperature.

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What Health Benefits Puravive Weight Loss Supplement Has To Offer?

Puravive offers the following health benefits to the users, improving their overall well-being.

Aids Healthy Weight Loss

The supplement reduces your appetite and boosts the brown fat, or brown adipose tissue (BAT) levels, to increase calorie expenditure, accelerating your weight loss journey and helping you reach your weight loss objectives sooner.

Helps Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

The antioxidant-rich composition of Puravive supplement helps in mitigating oxidative stress, which is good for artery health and heart health. Artery and heart health ensure that you have robust cardiovascular health.

Moreover, Quercetin, a naturally occurring flavonoid found in plants, maintains healthy blood pressure levels to ensure cardiovascular health.

Supports Your Immune System

The ingredients in the formula support your immune system. For instance, White Korean Ginseng aids in neutralizing harmful free radicals and supporting cellular health to improve your immune system.

Increases Your Energy Levels

Puravive formula helps in boosting BAT levels to support fat burning and metabolism. Fat breakdown results in high production of energy, skyrocketing your energy levels. Puravive reviews report that their vitality has improved, and they can exercise longer, resulting in a significant reduction in body weight.

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Improves Your Cognitive Functions, Mental Clarity, And Brain Power

Puravive reviews reveal that the supplement has helped them improve mental clarity, brain power, and cognitive functions. The essential vitamins and minerals in the supplement nourish your brain cells, improving your brain health.

The supplement sharpens your mind and enhances your focus, helping you make quick decisions and perform better mentally.

Maintains Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Another vital benefit of Puravive is healthy cholesterol levels. The supplement improves your metabolic processes, which helps you maintain optimal cholesterol levels.

Maintains Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Puravive weight loss formula maintains healthy blood sugar levels in multiple ways. First, the supplement reduces your cravings to prevent fluctuation in blood sugar levels, which uncontrolled appetite can bring.

Secondly, the natural ingredients in the supplement aid in increasing insulin sensitivity and reducing insulin resistance to support glucose uptake and maintain optimal blood sugar levels.

Supports Healthy Aging

Some Puravive reviews also support that the formula facilitates healthy aging by reducing oxidative stress and maintaining cellular health.

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What Are The Natural Ingredients Present In Puravive?

Puravive uses natural ingredients to promote weight loss including the ones listed below:



Propolis is a natural substance that is produced by bees from the resin of trees and plants. It is commonly used by bees to seal and protect their hives, but it has also been found to have numerous health benefits for humans, including supporting weight loss and fat burning.

A study examined the effects of propolis supplementation on obesity in rats. The rats were divided into two groups, with one group receiving propolis supplementation and the other group serving as a control.

After eight weeks, the results showed that the rats supplemented with propolis had significantly lower body weight compared to the control group. Additionally, the propolis group had decreased levels of total cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL cholesterol, which are all markers of obesity and poor metabolic health.

The study also reported that propolis supplementation led to an increase in the expression of genes involved in fat metabolism, indicating that it may enhance fat-burning processes in the body.


Oleuropein, a natural compound found in olive leaves and olive oil, has gained attention for its potential role in supporting fat metabolism. Its unique properties allow it to interact with various biological targets and exhibit beneficial effects on fat metabolism.

One of the core mechanisms through which Oleuropein works to support fat metabolism is its ability to enhance lipolysis. It activates key enzymes involved in this process, such as hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL) and adipose triglyceride lipase (ATGL).

By increasing the activity of these enzymes, Oleuropein promotes the breakdown of stored fat, leading to a higher release of fatty acids into the bloodstream for energy utilization.

Oleuropein activates the expression of genes involved in thermogenesis, including uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1) and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator 1-alpha (PGC-1α). These proteins play a crucial role in the conversion of stored fat into heat, promoting the loss of excess fat and improving metabolic health.

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Amur Cork Bark

Research indicates that extracts from Amur Cork Bark can interact with specific receptors in the brain, including the serotonin and orexin receptors.

These receptors play essential roles in modulating appetite and satiety. By stimulating these receptors, Amur Cork Bark may help trigger feelings of fullness and reduce the desire for unhealthy, calorie-dense foods.

A study investigated the anti-obesity properties of a specific extract from the bark called berberine, which is known for its potent bioactive compounds.

The researchers found that berberine extract from Amur Cork Bark effectively reduced food intake and body weight gain in both normal and high-fat diet-induced obese mice. These effects were attributed to the activation of specific signaling pathways in the brain that regulate hunger and satiety.

Holy Basil

Holy Basil helps in reducing cravings and controlling appetite. Studies have shown that the essential oils present in Holy Basil can regulate the levels of ghrelin, also known as the hunger hormone, thereby reducing the tendency to overeat.

Additionally, Holy Basil contains compounds that help improve digestion and regulate metabolism. This herb aids in faster digestion of food and enhances nutrient absorption, preventing the accumulation of excess fat in the body.

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, participants were divided into two groups. One group received a Holy Basil extract supplement, while the other group received a placebo.

After an eight-week period, it was observed that the group taking the Holy Basil supplement experienced a significant reduction in body weight, body fat percentage, and waist circumference.

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White Korean Ginseng

White Korean Ginseng is a powerful ingredient that is added to Puravive to support energy levels and prevent fat accumulation in the body. This beneficial effect can be attributed to the unique composition of White Korean Ginseng, which contains bioactive compounds called ginsenosides.

Ginsenosides are known to have a wide range of health benefits, including boosting energy levels and promoting weight management. These compounds work by activating certain receptors in the body, such as the adenosine receptor, which plays a crucial role in regulating energy metabolism.

By interacting with these receptors, ginsenosides can enhance the production and utilization of energy, resulting in increased stamina and endurance.

Moreover, White Korean Ginseng has been found to have anti-obesity properties. Studies have shown that ginsenosides can inhibit the formation of fat cells and promote the breakdown of stored fat.


Luteolin exerts its weight loss effects through several core mechanisms. Firstly, it acts as an antagonist of the alpha-2 adrenergic receptor, which is involved in regulating lipolysis or the breakdown of fats in adipose tissue. By inhibiting this receptor, luteolin promotes lipolysis and enhances the release of stored fats, leading to increased fat burning and subsequent weight loss.

Secondly, luteolin activates the enzyme AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), which plays a crucial role in cellular energy regulation. Moreover, it exhibits anti-inflammatory properties through its inhibition of pro-inflammatory signaling pathways such as nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB) and mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs).

Chronic inflammation is closely associated with obesity and metabolic disorders, where it contributes to insulin resistance and adipose tissue dysfunction. By reducing inflammation, luteolin improves metabolic health and aids in weight loss.

Furthermore, luteolin modulates adipogenesis, the process of forming new fat cells. It inhibits the differentiation of preadipocytes into mature adipocytes by suppressing key transcription factors involved in adipogenesis, such as peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARγ) and CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein alpha (C/EBPα). This inhibition of adipocyte formation helps to limit fat storage and can contribute to weight loss.

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Who Can Reap The Health Benefits of Puravive Formula?

While most dietary supplements cater to the needs of a selective group, Puravive does not restrict itself to one specific age group. Anyone looking to lose weight or say goodbye to their stubborn belly fat can try Puravive.

The makers say that be it 18 or 80, the supplement is designed to accelerate the weight loss efforts of all healthy adults.

A Comparative Analysis of Puravive With Other Weight Loss Supplements

Learn how Puravive stands against other weight loss supplements.

Puravive Vs. Fast Lean Pro

Fast Lean Pro is a popular dietary formula to support weight management. Unlike Puravive, it is available in powder form and can relieve those who find swallowing pills difficult.

The ingredients in both supplements are different, but the makers have manufactured the supplements in an FDA-approved facility, so the quality and manufacturing practices of both are excellent.

Both formulas offer a money-back guarantee and bonus products. However, one pack of Fast Lean Pro will cost you $69, which is costlier than Puravive. Also, the benefits offered by Fast Lean Pro are limited.

Regarding affordability and benefits, Puravive is a better choice.

Puravive Vs. Slim Guard

Slim Guard is another popular weight loss formula for reducing body weight. The supplement is available in powder form and can be consumed like a tonic.

Our analysis reveals that the ingredients of both supplements are different. Slim Guard gives you limited benefits, restricted to weight loss only. However, both supplements offer a 180-day money-back policy.

The price of Slim Guard is $69.99. Puravive will be a cheaper option. Additionally, people have complained about the powder not dissolving properly and leaving a bad taste in the mouth.

So, Puravive will be a superior choice to Slim Guard.

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Positive And Negative Aspects of Purchasing Puravive

The positive aspects of Puravive are given below:

  • The weight loss supplement is scientifically formulated using natural ingredients to facilitate weight loss efforts.
  • Free bonus products and a 180-day money-back guarantee are available.
  • Numerous Puravive reviews reveal that the weight management formula is safe with no risk to your health.
  • In addition to weight regulation, the supplement supports your total well-being.

Here are the negative aspects of the Puravive supplement:

  • The availability of this weight loss supplement is restricted to its official website only.
  • As the supplement is fairly new, its long-term effects are unexplored.
  • Results may vary due to differences in individual conditions.
  • Puravive reviews don’t necessarily reflect the truth.

How Much Does Puravive Cost? Is The Purchase Risk-Free?

Puravive has garnered positive attention from the masses because of its affordability and accessibility. The inclusive approach of the supplement ensures that every person can afford it to support weight loss and eliminate the root cause of unexplained weight gain.

That is why Puravive comes in a range of pricing options, which are as follows:

30-Day Supply: The basic pack of Puravive supplement costs $59 plus shipping fee.

90-Day Supply: This pack contains three bottles of Puravive and costs $147 plus shipping.

180-Day Supply: Get an endless supply of six months for $234. Free US shipping is available.

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If this much financial consideration is not enough for your circumstances and you want a better deal, let us tell you that every purchase of Puravive supplement is covered by a 180-day money-back guarantee, making it risk-free.

You can try Puravive for six months, and if it fails to help you achieve your weight loss objectives, you can ask for a refund. However, carefully read the refund policy, as they may not accept liability for certain things.

Suitable Way To Consume Puravive Weight Loss Supplement

Adhering to the instructions on the label, you should consume one capsule daily. Take the capsule in the morning or night with a glass of water.

Continue regular supplementation to support your weight loss journey and get rid of those stubborn rolls of fat on your body naturally.

The Lesser Known Adverse Effects of Puravive Formula

The high-quality natural ingredients do not necessarily reflect zero potential risks, even if Puravive reviews and makers tout it as your safest bet. Your body’s condition, sensitivity to any ingredient, or other external factors can alter the results of your weight loss journey.

In general, weight loss supplements are unsuitable for pregnant or nursing mothers. Moreover, people with medical conditions or an underlying cause of weight gain should exercise caution and not take the Puravive formula without a physician’s approval.

People allergic to ingredients in this weight loss supplement may also experience adverse effects on their health.

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Additional Products For Holistic Health Benefits

Losing weight is not enough, and owing to their commitment to supporting your holistic health and customer satisfaction, Puravive offers free bonus products to provide you with mental and physical benefits. Select purchase of a three-bottle or six-bottle pack comes with two free e-books. Take a look at the details.

One-Day Kickstart Detox

This free e-book helps in detoxifying your body with the help of easy-to-make detox recipes. Detoxification helps you lose weight by cleaning your organs and aiding in the absorption of nutrients to support your overall well-being.

Renew You

Originally priced at $49.95, this e-book offers a chance to boost your mental health and confidence, relieve stress or anxiety, and improve your overall health with the help of its time-tested techniques.

Our Final Opinion On Puravive Supplement

Puravive holds the potential to leave its mark on the health community and stand as a reliable companion in your successful weight loss journey. We consider Puravive a remarkable choice because it supports your overall health by reducing stress, eliminating excess weight, supporting brain power, and more.

However, be mindful of its potential side effects. Opinions expressed by users in their Puravive reviews do not paint the whole picture, so research on your end and seek a healthcare professional’s advice before taking Puravive to reduce unwanted weight gain.

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