According to a Boston Medical report, around 45 million Americans start a weight loss diet every year. However, the success rate isn’t very high. Nonetheless, people are tending more towards fat burning supplements and superfoods. And one of the most recent popular fat loss supplements is Ikaria Lean Belly Juice.

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Ikaria Lean Belly Juice is a powdered supplement that targets to break down a harmful lipid compound known as Ceramides. Ceramides are responsible to help fat buildup around human organs like pancreas, heart, liver, etc. Also, Ceramides reduce the functionality of these important organs to a significant extent. The manufacturer claims that, upon regular consumption of Ikaria lean belly Juice, the overall fat burning process slows down this way.

Let’s jump into a more detailed Ikaria Lean Belly Juice review.

Ikaria Juice: At A Glance

●    Product: Ikaria Belly Juice

●    Type Of Supplement: Weight loss

●    Whos’ selling?: Ikaria lean belly juice’s official website ❤️☑️

●    Available Form: Powdered supplement

●    Key Ingredients: Milk Thistle, Resveratrol, Taraxacum, ECGC, Panax Ginseng, Citrus Pectin, Bioperine, Fucoxanthin.

●    Key Function: Protects against stubborn fat cell formation by neutralizing Ceramides(toxic lipid compound).

●    Serving Quantity: 30 servings/bottle (1 scoop per serving)

●    Gluten Content: None

●    Stimulant Content: None

●    Is it addictive?: No

●    Age Group: 18 to 80 years old

●    Accreditations: GMP, FDA, certified

●    Scientific Evidence: Backed by numerous scientific evidence

●    Money Back Guarantee: 6 months money back guarantee

●    Refund Success Rate: 100% (No question asked)

●    Overall Rating:  5/5

●    Price-Point:  $39 to $69 (On discount)

●    Where to get it from?: Buy from Ikaria Lean Belly Juice Official website ❤️☑️

What Is Ikaria Lean Belly Juice?

Ikaria juice is a 100% natural powdered formula that purges toxic components like uric acid and free radicals out of your body. These components are responsible for weight loss and other diseases.

The plant-based, safe ingredients used in Ikaria Juice collectively work to burn stubborn fat, reduce appetite, and balance other body functions.

Ikarea Lean Belly Juice
Ikarea Lean Belly Juice

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What Is Ikaria Juice Made Of?

Ikaria juice is made of 15 scientifically backed natural ingredients including Milk thistle, ECGC, Resveratrol, and Hibiscus. You will find some other ingredients including citric acid and stevia extract in small amounts as well.

There are eight main ingredients in Ikaria Juice.



Milk Thistle

Milk thistle contains 98% of silymarin, an antioxidant compound. It is scientifically proven that silymarin can treat metabolic dysfunction which in turn helps you reduce weight. Moreover, it works for keeping cholesterol levels balanced which results in better heart health. 


Ikaria Juice uses Japanese knotweed extract as one of the main ingredients which contain 98% of Resveratrol. It enhances the capacity of your muscle to absorb glucose from the food you intake.


Taraxacum or dandelion root is scientifically proven to balance the uric acid in your body. The fiber content of taraxacum can improve the digestive system and clear out clogged fat.


There is green tea extract in Ikaria juice, and we all know how effective it is for weight loss. Green tea contains 50% ECGC which is a powerful antioxidant and scientifically known as a metabolism booster.

Panax Ginseng

The powdered Panax ginseng root is another proven ingredient that treats obesity by shrinking fat cells. Moreover, it boosts energy levels and brain function.

Citrus Pectin

Citrus pectin contains a good amount of dietary fiber that makes you feel full. You won’t feel the urge to eat too often and as a result, you will lose weight. It improves your digestive system and cleanses your body from harmful heavy toxic metals as well.


Bioperine ensures the nutrients you get from food get properly absorbed by your blood. It is also scientifically proven to work as a barrier to forming fat cells.


Studies found that fucoxanthin can break fatty cells into heat and energy, resulting in a lean belly and improved energy level. It increases the temperature of inner body cells which is important in increasing metabolism.

All these eight ingredients are called metabolic blends that effectively help you with the fat-burning process.

There are 7 other natural herbs that are called proprietary blends.

●    Beetroot: Boosts energy, balances blood pressure, and improves blood flow.

●    Acai Extract: Boosts the immune system, balances blood pressure, and increases brain health.

●    Hibiscus: Reduces blood fat level, removes free radicals from your body, and is rich in antioxidants.

●    African Mango Extract: Restricts new fat growth, lowers cholesterol levels, and promotes the breakdown of fats.

●    Strawberry Extract: Promotes body detoxification, strengthens muscle tissue, and improves digestive functions.

●    Blueberry Powder: Keeps cholesterol levels in check and improves brain health.

●    Black currant Extract: Promotes lower body weight loss.

What Does Ikaria Juice Taste Like?

Ikaria juice has a delicious fruity taste. You will get a refreshing pomegranate and cranberry taste from this weight-loss juice.

Ikaria Juice Pros And Cons

In most cases, Ikaria Juice has many added benefits when compared to other juices that are sold in the marketplace. However, there are some cons as well as pros to taking this drink on a regular basis. Knowing what they are can help you decide if it’s right for you or not. Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of Ikaria Juice.

Ikaria  Lean Belly Juice Pros

●    Melts stubborn body fat

●    Elevates metabolism

●    Keeps cholesterol level in check

●    Balances uric acid level

●    Suppress overeating habit

●    Lifts up energy level

●    Helps with better digestion

●    Maintains blood pressure and glucose level

●    Improves muscle and joint health

●    100% natural, soy-free, gluten-free and non-addictive

●    Delicious taste

Ikaria  Lean Belly Juice Cons

●    Not available on online/physical shops including Amazon other than the official site

●    Rare side effects on overdosing

●    Not suitable for children below 18

Ikaria Lean Belly Juice
Ikaria Lean Belly Juice

How Does Ikaria Lean Belly Juice Work?

Ikaria Lean Belly juice targets ceramide, a toxic lipid molecule in your body, and flushes them out. These toxic molecules are responsible for the fast absorption of fats in your bloodstream and clogging them in your liver, heart, and other vital organs.  

Ikaria, with the help of its effective ingredients, can dissolve fats in your body.

So, Ikaria Juice provides you with double benefits, dissolving existing fats and restricting new fats to develop.

Dosage and Consumption Guide

As you start drinking Ikarai juice, have a half scoop of the powder daily in the morning. Drink the juice half an hour before breakfast. You will see visible changes in your weight within a week.

After 1-2 weeks, increase the consumption of the powder to 1 scoop. Have it for 3 to 6 months until you achieve your desired body shape.

How To Make Ikaria Juice?

You can make Ikaria juice in three easy steps.

●    Step 1: Take a glass of 6 oz of water.

●    Step 2: Take one 3.2 g or scoop of Ikaria Juice into the glass. (half scoop for 3 oz water)

●    Step 3: Mix well and drink.

You can mix Ikaria powder with your morning smoothie as well.

Ikaria Juice Powder Vs Tablets

Ikaria Juice Powder


Large amount of product can be consumed

Only a small amount of product can be included

Easy to drink

Hard to swallow

Delicious taste

Weird taste and odor

Who Should Use The Ikaria Lean Belly Juice?

If you are older than 18 years and less than 80 years old, you can have Ikaria Lean Belly juice. However, if you have the following conditions, it’s better to avoid having it.

1.    If you are on prescribed medication

2.    If you are a pregnant or lactating mother.

3.    If you have an allergy to any of the ingredients in Ikaria juice.

How Much Weight Can You Lose With Ikaria Juice?

You can lose over 25 to 50 pounds of weight with Ikaria Juice only within 3-6 months. Many satisfied clients claimed to lose around 15 to 20 pounds within 8-9 weeks only. Ikaria juice starts showing results only within a week.

Of course, the speed of weight will depend on your genetics, exercise routine, and diet.

Benefits Of Ikaria juice [According To Medical Science]

Ikaria has numerous health benefits including promoting weight loss, keeping uric acid levels balanced, and boosting energy.

Helps In Weight Lose

Ingredients in Ikaria Juice have the capability of burning unyielding fats without causing any harm to your body. Two prominent ingredients of Ikaria juice, Fucoxanthin and ECGC are responsible for boosting your body’s metabolism.

Balances Uric Acid

Excess uric acid levels can cause an overweight problem, gout, and kidney acid. One of the key ingredients in Ikaria Juice, Taraxacum has the ability to flush excess uric acid out of your body.

Moreover, ingredients in Ikaria juice can eliminate heavy toxic material from your body making your immunity system better.

Boosts Energy Levels

By transforming those stubborn belly fat into heat and energy, Ikaria juice increases your energy level. You don’t have to cut on your favorite food too. So, forget about a tortuous diet and roaming around with low energy.

Keeps Cholesterol In Check

African mango extract, milk Thistle and blueberry powder present in Ikaria Juice help keep the cholesterol level lower. Consequently, it can improve the health of your vital organs like your heart, liver, and others.  

There are some other benefits you can achieve by drinking this delicious and effective juice.

●    Improved Muscle and tissue health

●    Balanced blood pressure level.

●    Balanced diabetes level.

●    Better cognitive health

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Is Ikaria Juice Safe To Take? Ikaria Lean Belly Juice Side Effects

Ikaria Juice is 100% safe. All the ingredients are natural and have numerous health benefits.

However, certain groups of people should avoid Ikaria Juice to avoid unwanted complications.

Does Ikaria Juice Cause An Allergic Reaction?

Ikaria juice can cause an allergic reaction in people who are allergic to herbs. But, the products used here rarely cause anyone any allergic reactions.

Does Ikaria Juice Cause Diarrhea?

No, Ikaria juice shouldn’t cause you diarrhea. However, if you have a sensitive digestive system, new ingredients may take some time to adjust and cause diarrhea.

Does Ikaria Juice Cause Gas?

No, it doesn’t, Ikaria juice reduces bloating and gas. It is actually good for gut health.

Does Ikaria Juice Cause Anxiety?

No, it doesn’t. In fact, Ikaria Juice is beneficial in releasing stress and promoting brain health. 

Does Ikaria Juice Cause Headaches?

A few consumers of Ikaria juice reportedly faced headaches after using it for the first time for the caffeine in green tea extract.

Does Ikaria Juice Make You Pee More?

You may have to use the restroom more than usual after taking Ikaria juice. It flushes out toxicity with urine.

Ikaria Juice Certification And Accreditations

Ikaria Juice is backed by an impressive number of certifications and accreditation from high-profile authorities.

Ikaria Juice certification and accreditations
Ikaria Juice certification and accreditations

Is Ikaria Juice FDA Approved?

No. Ikaria Juice is manufactured complying with all the rules and regulations given by FDA. Many Ikaria belly Juice reviews on the internet claim that it is  FDA approved but it’s not true. But Ikaria Lean belly Juice is made in the USA under an FDA registered facility.

Is Ikaria Juice GMP Certified?

Ikaria Juice is certified with the authority of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Is Ikaria Juice BBB Accredited?

No, Ikaria juice isn’t accredited by BBB. However, it doesn’t mean the product isn’t safe.

Is Ikaria Juice Halal?

All ingredients used in Ikaria Juice are 100% plant-based. So, Ikaria juice is halal.

Is Ikaria Juice Good For Everyone?

If you are 18 years old or above, Ikaria is good for you. However, people with some medical complications should have it only with the permission of their doctor.

Does Ikaria Juice Interact With Any Medications?

Ikaria juice can interact with some medications including diabetes and blood pressure medication.

Is Ikaria Juice Safe For High Blood Pressure?

Ikaria juice is usually safe for high blood pressure as it can lower BP. But if you are on medication, better consult a doctor to avoid low blood pressure.

Ikaria Juice Customer Reviews And Complaints

A number of good reviews have found to claim that Ikaria Lean Belly Juice works well for fat burning and overall metabolism boost-up. Here are a couple of them-

●    Nancy B, a verified Ikaria Juice buyer said- “I have used Ikaria Juice for over 3 months now, and I’ve lost about 32 pounds. Also, it has improved my outlook, self-image and self-confidence a lot.”

●    Debi, another verified consumer said- “I actually cried this morning once I learned that I was down to about 24 pounds of weight. Whenever i look at myself now, i feel thankful to Ikaria Belly Juice for making the miracle happen in my life”

Is Ikaria Juice A Good Product?

The transformation of Ikaria users will tell you how good the product is.

Ikaria Juice Before And After Photos

Before and after photo
Before and after photo

Before and after photo
Before and after photo

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Is Ikaria Lean Belly Juice A Legit Weight Loss Pill?

Of course, Ikaria juice is a legit weight loss pill. The certification and accreditations are solid proof.

Who Makes Ikaria Lean Belly Juice?

Claro Nutrition, a US-based renowned supplement company, is the maker of Ikaria Lean Belly Juice.

Is The Manufacturer Legit?

The manufacture of Ikaria Juice is 100% legit. They encourage you to directly contact them for orders or any sort of customer support.

●    Contact Email: [email protected]

How Much Does Ikaria Juice Cost?

Ikaria Juice comes in three pricing systems.

●    1 bottle (30 scoops) – $69/bottle + shipping charge

●    3 bottles (90 scoops) – $59/bottle

●    6 bottles (180 scoops) – $39/bottle

Ikaria Juice Refund Policy

Ikaria juice has a no-question-asked policy on refunding money. If the product doesn’t work for you, you can return it within 6 months.

Ikaria Juice Price In Different Countries

You can order Ikaria Juice from all over the world from the official website of Ikaria Juice. This powdered weight loss supplement is available in The United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Denmark, etc.

BONUS #1: Anti-Aging Blueprint

It’s an eBook that comes free with the purchase of Ikaria lean belly juice. This book has a collection of recipes, herbs and foods that help with anti-aging and reconstructs the cells that are important for the anti-aging process. 

BONUS #2: Energy Boosting Smoothie recipe

This is the next bonus you will get, and this is also an eBook that comes free with Ikaria Juice. This book will help you learn about some important food ingredients that help control appetite, which later helps in weight loss.

Where Can I Buy Ikaria Lean Belly Juice?

You have to buy Ikaria juice only on its official website. Ikaria juice is not and will not be available on other platforms. You will find Ikaria Juice on Amazon and other platforms but never try to buy it from there. They are all scams.

Ikaria Juice Vs Other Weight Loss Supplements

There are a few competitors of Ikaria Juice who are hyping the market.

Ikaria Juice Vs Phentermine

Ikaria is better than Phentermine. Phentermine has severe side effects including, stroke, high BP, arrhythmia, heart failure, etc. But Ikaria Juice is pricier than Phentermine.

Ikaria Juice Vs Protetox

Ikaria juice is more affordable than Protetox. Protetox causes poor digestion, fatigue, and weakness, where Ikaria Juice doesn’t have any of these side effects.

Ikaria juice Vs Meticore

Ikaria Juice and Meticore both are equally good at their own purposes. Ikaria Juice induces weight loss, where Manticore ensures good gut health.


Is Ikaria Juice A Good Value For Money?

Of course, it is. With this price range, you won’t find any other effective and safe weight loss option.

Can I Get Ikaria Juice On Amazon?

No, Ikaria juice only can be found on their official website. Ikaria on other platforms is fake.

End Note

Here goes the ultimate Ikaria Juice Reviews. If you are struggling with weight loss even after all the exercise and diets, Ikaria juice is just the right push you need.

So, don’t wait anymore. Order your Ikaria Juice now and enjoy the result.  


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