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The best supplements for weight loss are those that help you shed excess pounds in a healthy way with few to no side effects. But if you’ve been shopping for weight loss pills or supplements recently, you may be struggling to determine which products are best.

There are thousands of options, from herbal remedies to prescription weight loss pills. Buying weight loss pills can make you feel like you’re endlessly scrolling through lists of ingredients, testimonials, and safety warnings. We’re here to change that.

We dug deep into the world of weight loss supplements, reading countless product descriptions, scientific studies, and reviews to tease out the very best products. We learned that while there are some unsafe and ineffective weight loss pills, there are also plenty of effective ones. It mostly comes down to the ingredients.

There are a few herbs and compounds — such as caffeine and glucomannan — that work as generally safe and effective weight loss aids. But those are just ingredients. Which weight loss products show the most promise? We’ll list our top contenders below.

6 Best Supplements for Weight Loss – Quick Summary

  1. Best Overall: PhenQ
  2. Best Low-Stimulant Option: Leanbean
  3. Best for Women: Trimtone
  4. Best for Athletes: Instant Knockout
  5. Best for Appetite Suppression: Zotrim
  6. Most Energizing: PhenGold

Who Should Consider Weight Loss Supplements?

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight through diet and exercise alone, you may want to consider trying weight loss supplements.

These dietary supplements are not a magic cure, but they can lead to changes that make your diet and exercise routine more effective. For instance, your weight loss supplement may give you more energy so you stop skipping so many workouts. Or, a weight loss pill may help you feel full sooner so you don’t reach for seconds and blow your calorie goals for the day.

Weight loss supplements are not recommended for everyone, though. Pregnant women and breastfeeding women are commonly advised to avoid weight loss pills. Teens and children should not use weight loss aids unless specifically told otherwise by their doctors.

Our Top 6 Weight Loss Pills and Supplements

In a way, it’s a good thing there are so many weight loss supplements to choose from. Everybody reacts to these products differently, so what works well for you may not work as well for someone else. That’s why we chose to list six best weight loss supplements here.

Our Best Overall product gets rave reviews from customers, but if your needs are more specific, one of our category winners might be a better fit.

Without further ado, these are the best weight loss pills and supplements in 2023.

1. Best Overall: PhenQ

1 - PhenQ.png


We were really impressed by PhenQ’s multi-ingredient formula, which is why they’ve been named the best weight loss pills on our list. Each of the active ingredients is scientifically demonstrated to have an impact on weight loss. Plus, PhenQ has chosen ingredients that work via different mechanisms, which may help customers get faster, more consistent results.

PhenQ promises this supplement will help fight cravings, torch body fat, improve your mood, and give you more energy. If you’ve been taking multiple supplements for these purposes, you may want to switch to PhenQ, as a single supplement, instead.

One of the key ingredients in PhenQ is α-Lacys Reset®. This is a patented compound, created to boost metabolism to encourage faster weight loss. Another active ingredient is Nopal Cactus, which is a good source of fiber to control your appetite. PhenQ also contains L-carnitine to help convert body fat into energy, plus some caffeine so you can blast through your workouts. The formula of these weight loss pills also contains capsaicin, the compound that makes hot peppers spicy. Capsaicin has been found to increase metabolism and decrease appetite.

We also really appreciate that PhenQ is formulated to stabilize mood and promote good mental health. Researchers are learning more about the connection between mood and weight loss. Improving your mental health may help stabilize your hormones in ways that make it easier to lose weight.

About the Company

The health experts at PhenQ have spent a lot of time researching the most effective weight loss ingredients and incorporating them into PhenQ. The company adheres to the most stringent of manufacturing standards, and their facilities are all GMP-approved. PhenQ offers a 60-day guarantee on their supplements, which is why we think they’re some of the best weight loss pills available. They ship worldwide and often offer discounts on multi-bottle packs.

Customer Opinions

Customers can’t believe how quickly they lose weight on PhenQ weight loss pills. We saw several reviews from customers whose weight loss had plateaued before adding this supplement. PhenQ was what they needed to start burning fat and dropping pounds again.

Reviewers say these weight loss pills are very energizing, likely due to the caffeine content. Some report being more motivated to go to the gym or complete longer workouts once they begin taking this supplement. Customers also report fewer food cravings and smaller appetites.


  • Contains six, science-backed weight loss aids
  • Promotes a stable, positive mood
  • Appropriate for vegans and vegetarians
  • Made in GMP-approved facilities


  • May cause heartburn in those sensitive to capsaicin


  • Size: 60 tablets
  • Recommended dosage: One tablet with breakfast and one with lunch

Learn more at

2. Best Low-Stimulant Option: Leanbean

2 - Leanbean.png


If weight loss supplements containing caffeine and other stimulants make you feel jittery or on-edge, we recommend trying Leanbean. This product was our top pick in the Best Low-Stimulant Option category because it contains only a small trace – 10 mg per day – of caffeine. For reference, a cup of brewed coffee contains about 96 mg of caffeine.

Instead of caffeine, Leanbean uses several other ingredients to promote weight loss. Glucomannan is a type of fiber extracted from konjac. It’s very absorbent, so when it reaches your stomach or intestine, it swells and makes you feel full. You’re less likely to over-eat or reach for a snack when you already feel satisfied. Another key ingredient is zinc, which plays a role in fatty acid metabolism and may help you burn more fat.

Leanbean is also one of few weight loss supplements that contain vitamin B12. This vitamin plays an important role in energy metabolism. It may help you feel more energized and focused so you can stick with your workout routine. If you follow a vegan diet, vitamin B12 supplements, such as Leanbean, can be particularly helpful. Vegan diets are often deficient in this vitamin.

About the Company

Leanbean is proud to offer a vegan-friendly weight loss supplement that’s tailored to women’s needs. They source their ingredients carefully and list them, in detail, on their product labels. All of the product reviews and testimonials on Leanbean’s website are from real, genuine customers, which makes them a good source of information if you’re considering this product.

Leanbean ships worldwide, and they offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

Customer Opinions

Customers rave about the feeling of fullness they have when taking Leanbean. They say it helps them stick to smaller meals without feeling deprived. We saw several reviews from customers who credit Leanbean for putting an end to their nighttime snacking and food cravings.

Reviewers also appreciate that Leanbean does not make them feel anxious like high-caffeine weight loss supplements. This formula is popular with those who avoid stimulants due to migraines or heart conditions.


  • Contains only 10 mg caffeine per 6 capsules
  • 100% vegan ingredients
  • Promotes a feeling of fullness and satiety
  • Good source of vitamin B12
  • Formulated to meet women’s needs


  • The company recommends three, 2-capsule doses per day


  • Size: 180 capsules
  • Recommended dosage: Two capsules 3x per day

Learn more at

3. Best for Women: Trimtone

3 - TrimTone.png


While many supplements for weight loss are suitable for women, we were especially impressed with Trimtone’s performance in this category. Trimtone was developed specifically for women — and not just for their biology. It was also formulated to be compatible with women’s busy lifestyles. While some weight loss supplements have to be taken two or three times per day, Trimtone only has to be taken once.

In fact, you only have to take one capsule before you eat breakfast. Swallow your capsule, then check “weight loss pill” off your to-do list.

Trimtone contains four different weight loss aids: caffeine, green coffee, green tea, and grains of paradise. We were particularly excited to see grains of paradise used in this product.

These natural little grains have been shown to increase energy expenditure and decrease body fat when taken daily. Green tea is another good, multi-purpose ingredient. It may help you burn more fat, and it’s also a good source of antioxidants to keep you healthy on your weight loss journey.

About the CompanyTrimtone is a well-established supplement brand that was founded in 1999. Since then, they have earned quite a following among fitness enthusiasts and active women.

Trimtone employs experienced healthcare professionals to continually improve their formula. They don’t put anything extra in their product – just the most active, natural ingredients. Trimtone takes pride in their direct, transparent marketing approach. They offer a 100-day guarantee, giving customers plenty of time to evaluate the product’s effectiveness for themselves.

Customer Opinions

We saw several reviews from customers who were struggling to take other weight loss aids on-schedule and switched to Trimtone because of its once-daily dosing. They report better results because they actually remember to take the product more consistently.

Customers say Trimtone makes them feel energized. The 100 mg caffeine is enough to get most customers up and moving without making them feel too jittery. Some women do, reportedly, cut back on other sources of caffeine when using this product. Trimtone is popular among women trying to shed pregnancy weight gain, making them some of the best weight loss pills for ladies.


  • Recommended dose is only one capsule, once a day
  • Formulated to increase energy levels
  • Contains grains of paradise to promote fat burning
  • History of success; on the market since 1999


  • Not vegan; made with gelatin-based capsules


  • Size: 30 capsules
  • Recommended dosage: One capsule per day

Learn more at

4. Best for Athletes: Instant Knockout

4 - Instant Knockout.png

Instant Knockout

If you’re an athlete looking to lose weight prior to a competition, we recommend trying Instant Knockout. We like that this brand offers two complementary products: Cut and Complete. Cut is a true weight loss supplement formulated to help you burn unwanted body fat. Complete is a meal replacement product, which you can use to help control your calorie intake while still nourishing your body. Instant Knockout recommends using both products, together, for best results.

We were impressed by the nutritionally balanced formula of Instant Knockout Complete. It contains 26 vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy and strong throughout your weight loss efforts. It’s also easy to prepare. Just mix a scoop of the vanilla-flavored powder into milk or your favorite plant-milk substitute, shake, and sip.

Instant Knockout Cut, their true weight loss aid, is packed with science-backed ingredients. Green tea extract may not only help you lose weight, but also boost athletic performance and help you recover faster so you can get back in the gym again. Cayenne pepper seeds are a natural source of capsaicin, which may help rev up your metabolism. And glucomannan, a dietary fiber, helps you feel full so you’re not tempted to snack between meal replacement shakes.

About the Company

Instant Knockout is based in the United Kingdom and has been selling athlete-focused weight loss supplements since 2014. The company only uses plant-based ingredients, which makes their products appropriate for a greater variety of customers. They’ve formulated their supplements to be appropriate for both men and women.

Instant Knockout has worked with professional boxers and MMA fighters to fine-tune and update their formulas. Their manufacturing facilities are FDA and GMCA-approved.

Customer Opinions

While this product is marketed to boxers and fighters, we also saw lots of glowing reviews from bodybuilders, weight lifters, and even a few wrestlers. These customers appreciate being able to buy complementary weight loss supplements and meal replacement shakes from the same brand.

Customers say Instant Knockout Complete tastes sweet and satisfying, and it keeps them full until their next meal. They also report that Instant Knockout Cut helps preserve their muscle mass as they shed body fat prior to competitions.


  • Full weight loss system: meal replacement plus supplement
  • Helps athletes retain muscle mass while losing fat
  • Appropriate for vegan diets; 100% plant-based ingredients
  • Used by professional boxers and fighters


  • Complete only comes in vanilla flavor

Specs for Instant Knockout Cut:

  • Size: 120 capsules/package
  • Recommended dose: 1 capsule 4 times per day

Specs for Instant Knockout Complete:

  • Size: 3 lb bag of powder
  • Recommended dose: One scoop

Instant Knockout also sells several bundles that come with Cut and Complete. The Pro Fighter Starter Shredding System comes with one package of Cut, two packages of Complete, plus a fitness ebook and video guide.

Learn more at

5. Best for Appetite Suppression: Zotrim

5 - Zotrim.png


Several weight loss supplements on this list claim to help suppress appetite, but the very best in this regard is Zotrim. The company specifically markets Zotrim as an appetite suppressant, and they’ve done clinical studies to back up their claims. They found that participants who took Zotrim ate 112 fewer calories than those who took placebo pills. Just as importantly, study participants who took Zotrim ate fewer high-fat foods.

Zotrim achieves its appetite-suppressing results with natural ingredients only. Yerba mate leaf extract can help keep your blood sugar levels more stable, so you have fewer food cravings. Damiana leaf extract, another natural appetite suppressant, may help slow stomach emptying so you stick to smaller meals. The formula also contains guarana, an herb that can help improve focus. When you’re more focused, you may be less apt to give in to cravings.

About the Company

Founded in 2001, Zotrim is one of the oldest weight loss supplements in the industry. They’ve had a lot of time to perfect their formula and conduct clinical research to back up their claims. Zotrim puts customers first, and their customer support line is open 24 hours a day. Their use of plant-based ingredients shows dedication not only to customers’ health, but also to the wellbeing of the planet.

Zotrim offers a 100-day guarantee, which is one of the best in the industry and why we think they’re one of the best weight loss pills for suppressing your appetite.

Customer Opinions

Customers are often shocked how much less they eat once they start taking Zotrim. Some say they’re able to stop snacking and get their weight gain in check. Others mention actually being able to leave food on their plates for the first time.

This reduction in calorie intake often leads to noticeable weight loss within a few weeks. Several reviewers were thrilled to finally drop a pants size while using Zotrim.

Many reviewers report the best results when using Zotrim in conjunction with a comprehensive workout plan and a healthy diet. These weight loss pills not only keeps them full, but give them more energy in the gym. This is likely due to the guarana content; guarana is a natural stimulant.


  • Appetite suppression claims are backed by clinical trials
  • Contains only natural, herbal ingredients
  • 100% plant-based; appropriate for vegans
  • Promotes healthy focus and attention span


  • Must be taken three times a day


  • Size: 180 tablets
  • Recommended dosage: Two tablets 3x per day

Learn more at

6. Most Energizing: PhenGold

6 - PhenGold.png


Some people feel tired when they cut calories in an attempt to lose weight. This fatigue may keep you from actually going to the gym or completing your workouts. If you’re in this situation and are looking for a weight loss supplement, we recommend trying PhenGold.

We were quite impressed by this supplement’s energizing formula. PhenGold promises to help users bust through their weight loss plateaus, which are often related to low energy. It’s formulated to help you not only look your best, but also feel your best.

So, what are those super-energizing ingredients in PhenGold? Take a look:

  • Green Tea Extract: This popular fat-burner can rev up your metabolism.
  • Green Coffee: Not only does green coffee help you feel energized, it can also help you burn more fat.
  • L-Theanine: This amino acid helps keep you focused – on your weight loss goals, and more.
  • L-Tyrosine: This is another focus and mood-boosting amino acid that can help combat stress.
  • Rhodiola rosea: Sometimes used to manage depression, Rhodalia rosea may give you that final push to get back in the gym.
  • Cayenne Pepper: High in capsaicin, cayenne pepper can give you “pep” and also help curb your appetite.
  • Vitamins B3, B6, and B12: These B complex vitamins are all necessary for healthy energy metabolism.

About the Company

PhenGold is a U.S.-based company created to help busy adults lose weight without sacrificing their lifestyle. They carefully select their ingredients based on the latest research. Their dietary supplements are made in FDA-registered facilities, and all ingredients are listed on the label.

PhenGold offers a 100-day money back guarantee and ships worldwide.

Customer Opinions

We saw several glowing reviews from customers who were struggling to lose weight, but finally saw the scale move after a week or two on PhenGold. Customers are often thrilled to reverse weight gain without feeling run down or exhausted.

Many people turn to PhenGold as an alternative to prescription weight loss drugs. They are impressed by the natural formula, which they report delivers good results without worrisome side effects some report with prescription weight loss pills.

PhenGold is popular with vegans and those who follow gluten-free diets, which is why we think they’re one of the best weight loss pills for those with special diets.


  • Made with 100% natural, plant-based ingredients
  • Does not contain dairy, soy, or gluten
  • Non-GMO
  • Backed by a 100-day money back guarantee
  • Formulated to support mental health and focus


  • High caffeine content makes some customers feel jittery


  • Size: 90 capsules
  • Recommended dosage: Three capsules, once a day before breakfast

Learn more at

How We Picked The Best Supplements for Weight Loss

With so many weight loss pills and supplements on the market, you may be wondering what makes us so confident that these six are the best. The short answer is “we did our homework.”

More specifically, we followed four steps to slowly narrow down our options and tease out six supplements that we believe to be safe, effective, and a good value.

Step 1: Research Company History

Responsible, customer-focused companies tend to make the safest, most effective supplements. So, we read about each company’s history, the steps they take to ensure purity and effectiveness, and their policies in terms of guarantees and returns.

Step 2: Nail Down the Ingredients

After creating a shorter (but still relatively long) list of responsible supplement companies, we looked more closely at the ingredients in each weight loss supplement. This phase involved reading a lot of scientific papers to see which ingredients were actually supported by scientific evidence. We also threw out any dietary supplements that contained ingredients with a high risk of side effects.

Step 3: Consider Customers’ Opinions

With our list growing shorter, we started reading customer reviews. We threw out products that customers largely found ineffective, and a few that customers reported to cause significant side effects. The only products that advanced past this step were ones that customers consistently found effective in helping them lose weight. We also liked to see customers report effects like more energy, reduced appetite, and fewer cravings.

Step 4: Put It To The Test

It’s hard (and not advised) to try more than one weight loss supplement at a time. So we had to recruit some staff members to participate in our testing. Each one tried a different weight loss supplement and reported back after a few weeks. The six supplements you see featured here are the ones our staff were most impressed by.

How to Choose the Best Weight Loss Supplement for You

Finding the best weight loss supplement to help you lose weight does not have to be overwhelming. We recommend focusing on the following qualities as you read product descriptions, labels, and reviews — whether you’re looking into prescription weight loss products or over-the-counter supplements.

Informative Packaging

First, look at the bottle or box that the supplement comes in. You deserve to know what you’re putting in your body, so you should only consider weight loss supplements with clear, complete ingredients lists. Steer clear of products with verbiage such as “secret formula” or “proprietary blend.”

Informative packaging is also a sign of a company’s honesty and dedication. Good supplement companies often like to brag about the purity and quality of their ingredients on the product label.

Strong Company History

Do some reading about the company itself. How long have they been in business? If a supplement company has been around for a while, it’s usually because their product is effective and people keep buying it. Do they make an effort towards sustainability, perhaps by using recyclable packaging or organic ingredients? These are signs that the company has good, overarching values.

Safe, Science-Backed Ingredients

This is the most important thing to focus on when choosing a weight loss supplement: the ingredients. Look at each ingredient the supplement contains, and do a little reading on it. First, you want to make sure the product does not contain any ingredients that have been banned in the U.S. Examples are ephedra, sibutramine, and Fen-Phen. Dietary supplements containing these harmful substances should not be sold, but it’s wise to double-check.

Ideally, there should be studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of each of the active ingredients. Keep in mind that some studies may not show that the ingredient is effective for weight loss, specifically. They may, instead, demonstrate another related effect of the ingredient. For example, studies have shown that caffeine can increase energy metabolism, which may help you lose weight.

If you find that certain ingredients have been demonstrated to curb appetite, improve focus, boost energy, or enhance fat burning, that’s also a good sign.

Convenient Dosing Recommendations

How does the company recommend taking the weight loss supplement? How often do you need to take it? Do you need to take it with food, before a meal, or prior to a workout? Check that the supplement’s dosing requirements suit your lifestyle. For example, if you’re a busy student with an inconsistent schedule, a supplement you only have to take once a day is probably a better fit than one you need to take three times a day.

Consistent Reviews

You’re usually best off buying a product that receives a lot of positive reviews. But there’s something else to pay attention to when you read reviews: consistency. If most reviewers seem to report the same effects, you can be more confident that you’ll get those same effects when you take the supplement.

Made in FDA-Approved Facilities

While the FDA does not approve weight loss supplements – or any dietary supplements, for that matter – they can and do evaluate the facilities that supplements are made in. You want to purchase supplements that are made in a clean environment using consistent, high-quality manufacturing processes. If a supplement is made in an FDA-inspected facility, that’s a good sign.

The Different Types of Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss pills and supplements can be categorized based on the type of ingredients they contain. Some supplements are mostly formulated with stimulants.

Others are largely formulated with beneficial herbs, and still others work by providing lots of high-fiber ingredients. Of course, some weight loss supplements contain all three types of ingredients for a multi-faceted approach.

Stimulant-Type Supplements

The most common stimulant used in over-the-counter weight loss aids is caffeine. This ingredient is favored, in part, because it is safe for most people. The average person can safely consume up to 400 mg of caffeine per day. That’s about four cups of coffee.

Numerous studies have shown caffeine to have effects that promote weight loss. A meta-analysis published in 2018 reported that across 13 randomized control trials, caffeine intake led to a reduction in body weight and body fat in participants. Caffeine has also been shown to make users feel more energized. If you’ve been feeling sluggish and unmotivated, caffeine may motivate you to actually go to the gym – and working out certainly helps with weight loss.

Herbal and Plant-Based Supplements

Customers are sometimes surprised to learn how much science has been done to back up the effectiveness of herbal weight loss aids. Here are some of the most commonly used, science-backed herbs and plants used in natural weight loss supplements.


Capsaicin is what makes hot peppers spicy. Some supplement manufacturers add pure capsaicin to their formulas, and others use a “whole” ingredient such as cayenne pepper or cayenne pepper seeds. The effects are the same. Capsaicin has been shown to increase the metabolism, so you burn more calories even when you’re resting. It might also make you feel less hungry so you eat less. One study found that participants who ate capsaicin lost more body fat than those who were given a placebo over a 12-week period.


Turmeric is a common ingredient in Indian cooking, but it also shows promise as a weight loss aid. Studies have shown that it not only promotes weight loss, but may also help protect against obesity-related diseases. One study found that mice who were given curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, lost more body fat.


Guarana is a plant sourced from the Amazon rainforest. Its seeds are a common ingredient in both energy drinks and weight loss supplements. Guarana can help improve focus and reduce fatigue, which may help motivate users to work out. It may also help raise the metabolism for a greater calorie burn.

Grains of Paradise

Grains of paradise are little seeds that look similar to peppercorns. They taste similar to cardamom or coriander. Studies have shown that consuming them can help people lose more body fat and increase their energy expenditure.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most popular plants used in weight loss supplements. Some companies extract its compounds and include it in their formulas as “green tea extract.” Many of green tea’s weight loss properties likely come from its caffeine content. However, it is also high in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which can boost metabolism and help mobilize fat from fat cells.

High-Fiber Supplements

High-fiber foods help you feel full, so you tend to eat less. Some weight loss supplements take advantage of this effect. They provide lots of fiber, which absorbs water in your digestive tract so you feel full and put your fork down sooner. This leads to reduced calorie consumption, which leads to weight loss.

A common ingredient in high-fiber weight loss supplements is glucomannan. Derived from the elephant yam, this substance is incredibly absorbent. A few pinches can turn a glass of water into gel. Capsules containing glucomannan can have a strong, appetite suppressing effect that helps users stick to a lower-calorie, weight loss diet.

Can Supplements Really Help People Lose Weight?

Some weight loss pills and supplements can help people lose weight, and others are not as effective. It mostly depends on the ingredients in the supplement. For example, supplements containing chitosan are often sold as weight loss aids, but there’s really not much science to back up their effectiveness.

Ingredients which do tend to be helpful for weight loss include cayenne pepper, turmeric, caffeine, and green tea extract.

Keep in mind that no supplement, regardless of its ingredients, is an instant weight loss potion — especially for stubborn body fat. These supplements all work best when combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine.


Can weight loss pills and supplements cause side effects?

Occasionally, people do experience side effects from weight loss pills.

Supplements containing glucomannan can cause bloating, but this typically goes away after a few days. Some people feel dizzy after taking pills containing Hoodia gordonii. The caffeine in many of the best weight loss pills may make you feel jittery, and may also lead to heart palpitations. 

What ingredients should you avoid when looking for the best weight loss pills?

Avoid weight loss pills and supplements that contain sibutramine. This substance was once used in prescription weight loss drugs, but was withdrawn from the market due to an increased risk of stroke.

Another ingredient to avoid in a weight loss pill is ephedra. While banned in the US, this herb still shows up in some irresponsibly made products. It has been linked to heart attacks, strokes, and sudden death.

Why can’t you fall asleep after taking weight loss pills?

It’s not uncommon for weight loss supplements to interfere with sleep. This is most common with supplements that contain caffeine or a source of caffeine, such as green tea extract or green coffee beans. If you’re struggling to fall asleep while using even the best weight loss pills, try taking your weight loss pills earlier in the day.

Reducing your dose may also help.

You may also sleep better if you switch to a pill with little to no caffeine.


Some weight loss pills and supplements are certainly safer and more effective than others. So, as you search for the best weight loss supplements, make sure you do your research.

We recommend starting with one of the six top weight loss pills or supplements recommended above, and always using these in tandem with a healthy diet and proper exercise. They are all made in FDA-approved facilities by companies that have their customers’ best interests at heart.

Remember that any weight loss supplement works best when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. We hope to see you at the gym!


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